What's helping us keep fit?

  • Vyomax Boxing Fist Bandages

    Vyomax Boxing Fist Bandages

    Made from soft poly cotton material, the boxing bandages are approximately 3 metres long with a built in thumb loop at one end for easier wrapping and a secure touch fastener at the other end allowing you to secure the wraps in place. 
  • Vyomax Boxing Punch Bags

    Vyomax Boxing Punch Bags

    High quality, heavy duty PU with the Vyomax logo at the top of the bag. This bag comes pre-filled and ready to use. Supplied with 4 webbing straps.
  • Vyomax Hook and Jab Pads

    Vyomax Hook and Jab Pads

    Vyomax authentic advance hook & jab pads are made from the Carbon PU Material with super dense shock absorbing foam.